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Our specialists train and motivate your team to take advantage of human performance tools and insights.


We give your team members the knowledge and motivation to implement human performance tools at work and at home. Our focus on performance makes the training much more engaging than traditional health and wellness content, and participants get clear, actionable recommendations. They also learn why the approaches we teach are so effective, which provides a unique depth of understanding. Our program covers a broad range of practical tools that are useful for everyone from senior executives to entry-level employees:

  • Performance Nutrition:  We train your team members on how nutrition influences the body and brain, so they know which choices will improve their judgment, relationships, motivation, and stamina. This includes when and what to eat, how to tailor these around work and sleep, and optimal exercise recovery. We also provide simple lists of the best foods and snacks to make the right choice the easy choice

  • Performance Meditation:  Focus training is our proprietary approach to access maximal benefits from meditation. Because this training was developed for elite athletes and military personnel, it is all about performance, and even the most skeptical people get excited about the benefits it provides to decision making, creativity, and stress levels. We educate your team on the neuroscience behind why it works and how this points to the best ways to integrate focus training into work and life. We then take your team through a guided training session to introduce them to simple, but powerful techniques.

  • Performance Sleep Tools:  We take your team members through the cutting-edge science of how sleep affects the body and brain so they can maximize alertness, attention, and resilience. They walk away knowing how to fall asleep faster and maximize sleep quality. In addition, we provide clear guidelines for how to make effective use of naps that improve mental performance without leaving your team members too groggy to function effectively.

  • Performance Messaging:  This session delves into tools you can use to help your team, partners, and clients remember your message. How can you present information to ensure twice as much retention? How can you tweak graphic design to ensure people take away the message you want? We take you and your team through a series of simple tools based on cognitive psychology research that provide extraordinary benefits.

  • The Physiology of Leadership:  We synthesize knowledge from our groundbreaking work on unit cohesion, toughness, and resilience, along with research in organizational design and human factors to help your leaders and managers enhance team performance. How do you create tight-knit teams that can handle crises, perform over long stressful periods, and grow together? How should you structure long, stressful projects and manage your teams to prevent burnout? This session gives you actionable, research-backed answers to these questions and more.

Along with the training sessions, attendees also receive digital and hard-copy reference materials so they always have high-performance reminders. It's no wonder that our clients tell us that this training can start the shift to a performance culture!

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